Hi, I’m Tess…

…and I’m so chuffed you’ve stopped by!
If you take one thing away from my story let it be this: women are strong, and they can achieve whatever their hearts desire. I know, because I am walking proof of it.
As a mother raising two young boys, I have endured (and overcome!) a truck load of adversity. I’ve experienced divorce, single motherhood, overcoming emotional abuse, dating, blending families, the rigmarole of holding down an office job, the challenge of creating a business, tackling body image issues, anxiety and depression, relocating my life, and more!
I am passionate about celebrating & empowering women to cast off their self imposed shackles, and be all that they dream.
Through my unique creations, my easy happiness tips & my brutal honesty, I hope to encourage women to be comfortable in their gloriousness, and help to normalise all those limiting mis-truths we too often allow ourselves to believe.

I’m a self taught Jewellery Designer and Artist.

My work is inspired by sunlight, happy people, and …my ever fluctuating moods.

Emotions in addition to ethical and environmentally sustainable practices fuel all my designs, and I believe they have the potential to change the world.

My ‘Imperfectly Tess’ creations are a beautiful expression of the world’s (and my) imperfect perfections.

The necklaces are handcrafted by me, and whilst suitable for anyone, it’s worth mentioning most of them are completely safe for mothers to wear as they contain no harmful toxins or small parts.

My unique designs for mums (which I used to create under the label ‘Monkey & Mum’) landed me silver at the 2015 National Ausmumpreneur People’s Choice Awards in Melbourne, and have been featured in Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, Peppermint Magazine, My Child Magazine, and The Sunday Mail.

A few years back I launched my second label, Sahasa, which allowed me to work closely with less fortunate women in India, empowering them to overcome poverty and gender inequality through Fair Trade.

Enjoy looking around my space, and thank you again for stopping by.
Mwah! Tess x