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Asleep? Or Ugh-Sleep.

Asleep? Or ugh-sleep. 

In the last few days my usually champion sleeper has decided that sleeping’s for chumps and he’s not one. He is steadfast and unwavering in his belief. Until I divert my attention from him that is, and then he screams like I am causing him deep-seeded and lifelong psychological damage. 

Today I tried the ‘magic sleep’ method, where you lie next to them and close your eyes until they fall asleep themselves. I am not sure if it’s supposed success is due to them copying you or if sheer boredom causes them to nod off. Either way, it worked better on me than it did on him. I had almost dozed off myself when I copped a foot to the nose. (Did I mention that he is getting fairly mobile now and is ‘donuting’ and rolling all over the place?) I yelled out in pain. He cried. #psychologicaldamage.

At least I have tonight to look forward to – an enjoyable evening of watching him on the baby monitor – wriggling around and sucking on his toes through his sleeping bag when he is supposed to be sleeping. You’re all rampantly envious, I know.

– Marisa