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I was so excited to pick up my necklace from the post office the other day - and I'm finally getting a chance to wear it today. Totally chose my outfit based on it. I LOVE it so much. Thank you.


I ordered a necklace off you AGES ago now and I tried to email at the time to say thanks as it looked even better in real life... I remember being astounded at the craftsmanship when I opened the package. Your attention to detail is truly amazing! Thanks for making such beautiful things that not only look great for mums, but are so safe for babies too. I don't know how you manage it as mum-life is so busy, but you've got a great, unique idea and I wish you every success in keeping your small business running.


My 37 year old husband maintains he simply can't iron. What baffles me is that this excuse seems legitimate to him! It's really not f*!king rocket science - you plug in the iron, lay out the piece of clothing, and smooth over the crinkled parts. I'm considering telling him that I simply can't wifey, it's too hard!


I've just arrived in Disneyland, Anaheim...I had a lady come up to me and ask to touch my necklace & asked me where it's from!!


It came and it's perfect and I love it!


Served a customer at work today wearing a monkey & mum necklace. Safe to say we had a good ol chat. She told me she has quite a collection, I was totally jealous haha.


Monkey & Mum doesn't only need to be for adults! My 6 year old wanted a necklace to wear to a party and she didn't have one that matched but I realised one of mine did and it was perfect!!



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"Thanks Tess for my beautiful Fair Trade piece. It arrived in perfect timing for my birthday. So gorgeous and really super comfortable to wear with bub.I'm now looking forward to adding...
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Our friend LOVED this necklace. Perfect for the breastfeeding mum. Beautifully packaged with love and care.


Awesome piece. My little one reached for it as soon as I unwrapped it. Just perfect!