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A Space For Mums

This is a space to celebrate the gorgeous women that we are, and not just the children we have (despite their equal level of gorgeous-ness).

This community is a space to learn, laugh, and get a little perspective. It’s about you, and yes that sometimes means babies, breastfeeding, and school runs, but my goodness that’s only a snippet of who you are!

If I’m brutally honest (and what’s the point of this space if I’m not?!), the Monkey & Mum Community was born from my own inadequacies as a mother. I’m disorganised, messy, an unenthusiastic cook, a little bit selfish, and inclined to over dramatise.

And I think this is just fine.

There’s so much to us that’s worth celebrating, and I plan to start doing so right now.

So pour yourself a cuppa, grab a piece of cake, and join me as we celebrate mothers and blow smoke up each others, er, bottoms.

Tess Xx