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Happiness Tip #7

Rock Your Own Style:

Do you have items in your wardrobe that your family or friends hate? I do, and these jeans are them. My dad thinks they’ve been ripped through years of wear (I only bought these babies last year, haha!), my partner thinks they’re my most unflattering pants, and even my boys hate them. Gradually these little ladies made their way to the bottom of my pants pile where they very rarely saw the light of day. 

It took a brutally honest chat with my bro this week to make me realise just how much I (and I think I speak for lots of women when I say this) put others before myself. I’m a people pleaser, and whilst that sounds lovely, it’s a big NO NO to anyone wanting to maintain a healthy sense of self worth! So today I don these babies because I like how they make me feel. I feel sexy and cool, and I stick out my tongue to anyone who disagrees!

So my happiness tip? Wear something that makes you radiate from the inside out, because that’s where self empowerment starts ladies.

Mwah! Tess x

Jeans are the ‘Uptight Super High Slim Crop‘ by Ziggy Denim, available at Universal Store.