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Introducing Archie Freund… and a New Summer Style!

By November 4, 2012 My Posts No Comments
When I started writing this three weeks ago, it read: Four weeks today, and a slither of normality has begun to creep in. Albeit I write this one handed with a barely consolable baby feeding from my boob and an energetic over-stimulated toddler running circles around me – literally! Dan goes back to work tomorrow. Needless to say I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do this.

I didn’t get anymore written that day. Two kids are hard, and I was right to question the practicalities of doing this alone.
Archie Freund was welcomed into this world via emergency c-section seven weeks ago on the 16th of September at 10:29am – only hours before his scheduled induction. Weighing a whopping 9 pound 8 oz (4.2kg!) he was certainly a sight for sore, er, eyes.


Since starting this email three weeks ago, a lot has changed, as the hazy line between night and day becomes (a little) more defined.

Despite my overwhelming thirst to jump back into Monkey & Mum, that thirst will have to go unquenched a bit longer, as I have now learnt (since trying to write this email) that supposedly small tasks are no longer.

Long hours spent breastfeeding on the couch with nothing but my overactive imagination to keep me company, has left me with a head bursting with jewellery ideas. I have sacrificed some of my precious sleep to put a few new summery pieces into fruition.

I hope you enjoy these pieces (http://www.monkeyandmum.etsy.com) – as you can see, Archie certainly does! 2
Cheers, Tess, Harry & little Archie

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