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New Collection & A New Brand – all in time for Christmas!

By November 2, 2015 My Posts No Comments

I may have appeared quiet the last month, but I assure you I have been incredibly busy! The kind of busy where your day life blends into your dream world, and you literally live and breathe your project… even when sleeping.

Introducing Sahasa

screenshotThe next week will see the launch of Sahasa (which means courage in Hindi). A brand dedicated to empowering women all over the world. The current Fair Trade range will set the tone for Sahasa, with the sale of each piece directly helping the artisan who crafted it, as well as a percentage of proceeds from all sales, going towards helping women of tomorrow.

Donations will be made to the Mehera Shaw Foundation (MSF) in Jaipur, India, who are a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and who oversee the Sahasa artisans in India. Together MSF and Sahasa will improve educational opportunities for less fortunate women in India, and help break the cycle of gender inequality in India.

The website will be launching soon, and will be packed with beautiful new pieces created at the hands of the very talented Indian artisans.

To stay in the loop with the launch, please like the Sahasa Facebook page, Instagram account, and keep an eye on the website which will go live any day now!

…And What About Monkey & Mum?

Sahasa will hopefully quench your ‘safe wearable art’ thirst during the month of November, as I work around the clock to prepare the first of many Monkey & Mum Designer Fabric Collections.

Ten designs, created in very small runs, will launch on December 1st. The first collection, titled ‘Summer Icecreams’, will be a playful mix of pink pastels, mint icecreams, hot pink, and navy geometric prints. Think flirty 50’s dresses, 3/4 denim, crisp white blouses, and big ice-cream sundaes.

The collection was inspired by Ellie Whittaker, Gold Coast Textile Artist. Her fabrics are playful, fun, and full of wonder, and have been custom printed for this range on woven organic cotton with the use of low impact water based dyes.

Words really don’t do her fabrics justice, it’s best to check them out for yourself here!

…And Custom Creations?

For customers who still want custom created pieces, I will reopen for custom bookings on the 1st of December at a premium. Although this will not leave time for Christmas creations, I am confident that between the ‘Summer Icecream’ collection and Sahasa, there will be something for everyone!

Tess xx