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New Prices Bring Mixed Reactions

By December 2, 2015 My Posts No Comments

Miranda2The Summer Icecream Collection has launched with mixed reactions.

Whilst I am hearing glowing reports on my designs, the prices have come as a shock to some.

Whilst some mums will continue to support Monkey & Mum via Christmas gifts to themselves or perhaps baby showers gifts, I do understand that for a lot of others the new collection will be unattainable.

I expected this, which is why I created Sahasa.

Australian overheads are extremely high. My outlay for the Summer Icecream Collection (not even including a wage for myself or advertising) was $4000. This includes things like fabrics, rent, a model, photography, and graphic design.

I believe in Monkey & Mum’s new direction though – the fabrics alone are art! Designed by an artist, and custom printed on organic cotton with water based dyes that are free of heavy metals and harmful toxins, I am proud of the level of care that has gone into these creations. They are not fabrics you’ll see everywhere, they are exclusive and special, and are kind on mums, babies, and the environment.

imageI haven’t forgotten about mothers who can’t afford these design though. Sahasa pieces are a way for me to produce my designs at a lower price point, whilst also making a difference to less fortunate women in India. India’s cost of living is a lot lower than ours, which is why I can still source organic cottons local to India, pay the women a fair wage (which they set themselves), and provide you all with a high quality unique product that is just as kind on mums, their babies, and the community at large.

From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for supporting me over the years, and I hope you will stand by me as I begin to value my brand, my time, and my designs how they should be.

Much love,

Tess Xx

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