Dotti Sneak Peak

The Dotti Necklace

$90.00 $50.00

Handcrafted from Woven Organic Cotton

Dotti appears simple and innocent, but is much more complicated than she looks. Just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Dotti the necklace seems young and unknowing.

Content with her unpretentious appearance, Dotti emits the playful charm and freshness of youth. Her turquoise plait neck adds just enough colour to offset the hand twisted black knot at the front.

Designed and handcrafted by Brisbane Jewellery Artist Tess Freund, Dotti is part of the Monkey & Mum Summer Icecream Collection. Her woven fabrics were designed by Gold Coast Textile Artist Ellie Whittaker, and were custom printed on organic cotton with low impact water based dyes.

She is kind on mums, their babies, and the environment.

With less than eight Dotti’s created, this piece is part of a very limited run of never to be repeated designs.

Photographer: Jacklyn Wagner | Model: Annika Hallinan

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