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Stop And Smell The Roses

By July 7, 2011 My Posts No Comments
I thought I was not meant to be exhausted until at least November! It is July and I am knackered!
This year has been wonderful, and full of some very exciting Monkey & Mum achievements – I am going to take five minutes now (perhaps my first five minutes of 2011) to enjoy them.
The new and wonderful Cultiver has opened and I have been lucky enough to adorn this beautiful store with some of my pieces. It is a step in the right direction for Ipswich, which of late seems to have had an emergence of arty folk and great cafes!
I am still stocking The Collective Store and having so much fun being apart of the great supportive community out there. Harry and I adore our trips to Leonie’s store, and tend to spend hours getting lost in the handmade goodies and enjoyable conversation.
Leonie has been especially nice to me this month, and featured Monkey & Mum on the website and in her shop window.
Monkey & Mum also has some exciting advertising spots coming soon, with a spot in the next Peekaboo magazine, and a possible a listing in the 2012 Hello Babe – Mummy Tree Small Business Directory.
We are now on TwitterFlickr, and Linkedin – so come and join me there too!
Add in my editing job which helps to pay the bills and feed our hungry tummies (unfortunately Monkey & Mum is yet to be that job… that’s the dream though!) and you have one exhausted mummy here.
Now I just need to find the time to sew… and smell the roses.
PICTURED ABOVE: ‘A Dozen Petals’ available at The Collective Store for $28.
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