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Fashion Tip: Layering Necklaces

There’s only one thing more fabulous than one necklace, and that’s two (or three, or four), and there are many ways to pull this off.

When adding to a statement necklace, don’t feel like you have to go petite. While this can look very chic, going doubly bold can be a lot of fun!

Keep the necklaces different lengths, and compliment solid coloured pieces by ensuring the second necklace features pops of this colour.

If your bub is past the sucking stage and your necklaces are now purely for your enjoyment, try teaming up different materials. The fabric in both Monkey & Mum and Sahasa designs lend themselves well to being teamed with metals, stones, beads, or wood.

Have a play around and share your pics with me! I’d love to see what you come up with.

Tess x