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My First Sale. My First Blog

By September 14, 2010 My Posts No Comments

I recently embarked on the entrepreneurial endeavour of my own business Monkey & Mum, but today marked the magnificent moment when my hard work and dreams procured a tangible result: my first sale!

Although this piece was purchased by my best friend – bless her cotton socks – the $20 figure that flashed up on my account balance today filled me with a sense of pride and success that no paid work has ever given me before.

Monkey & Mum is a line of jewellery which I designed for mothers – an idea that came about around the same time my little Harry did.

After Harry was born, attempts to wear my much loved jewellery often resulted in bead indentations in my chest from an all too snugly bubba, and a floor full of stray beads. I decided something had to be done!

I began creating necklaces and bracelets from new and pre-loved natural materials. The result is soft light weight pieces that entice babies with their interesting textures; washable pieces which are a good perk when your baby drools and dribbles as much as mine; and affordable and fashionable pieces that help add a bit of zing to the traditionally daggy attire of a new mum.

The bracelets are great for remembering which side your little monkey fed off last, and the necklaces help to keep inquisitive babies focused during breast feeds or supermarket trips.

Long story short: Monkey & Mum is jewellery worn by mothers, and enjoyed by their little monkeys.

Please stay tuned for new fabric finds, inspirations, and jewellery creations.

You can check out all the jewellery online at www.monkeyandmum.etsy.com

Tess Xx

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