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My Personal Journey to Happiness

Relaxation TimeI whole heartedly believe in lowering the superficial walls we create for ourselves, walls that ultimately become a prison of loneliness and suffering.

I believe that standing tall and saying “I have post natal depression”, “I can’t breastfeed my baby and that makes me feel insecure”, “I sometimes resent my child for my loss of identity” or any other perceived ‘weakness’ we might have is actually an incredibly strong thing to do. It’s from these places of honesty that we normalise these very normal feelings, we find out who are real friends are, we get the support we so desperately need, we learn to love ourselves just as we are, and we empower other women to do the same.

I have had my fair share of ups and downs, and I’ve always been a big advocate for talking about them – as much for my own healing as others.

I had my first (and only, touch wood) panic attack 18 months ago, and it scared the absolute shit out of me, but from it came so much growth!

It stripped back all my preconceived ideas on myself and I got to know all my dark hidden away spaces. I got insight into why I occasionally starved myself as a teenager, how I can survive sadness (which is normal and unavoidable!) rather than trying to escape it, and what makes me happy and how I can harness more of this energy in my life.

I want to share with you some really easy things I did that helped me get to this place, in the hope it might bring you some happiness too.

  • Meditation and yoga: taught me to sit with uncomfortable feelings and be still (a really hard thing to do!)
  • Keep a diary: writing my thoughts down made it easier for me to explore them, and stopped me snowballing out of control and creating unnecessary stories around my emotions.
  • Build a supportive community: when times gets tough you want people in your corner, which means making the time for friends even when life is peaches and cream. Reconnect with old friends and go out and make some new ones.
  • Eat well: when I get busy my diet is the first thing that gives. Having really easy healthy snacks in the fridge (and no bad ones!) has helped me eat better and actually start craving that stuff.
  • Support other women & DON’T BITCH: we’ve all done it, and it’s so destructive – to ourselves even more so than the women we’re talking about. If you speak nice things, you’ll think nice things, your face will shine brightly and your positive energy will attract others like you.

Women are each others best friends, but we can also be each others best enemies. Which one you want to be is completely up to you.

Peace out lovely ladies,