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Ready Made Range Not Quite Ready

By April 6, 2014 My Posts No Comments

Outsourcing production for a ready made range has proved harder than I first anticipated.

I have big dreams of releasing a ready-to-wear range sourced through ethical Fair Trade groups in India, and I am still determined to make this happen.

Many women in India are victims of gender inequality. Living in extreme poverty and with little education, they are unable to work for themselves. My dream is to work with a development group that provides abused and mistreated women with both emotional and financial support, whilst helping me to meet the demands of my growing customer base.

I recently began working with an artisan group, and quickly discovered the difficulties involved with training women over 7000 kilometres away.

The first order came in last week, and as one might expect, the designs were not yet perfected. I spent last week unpicking and reworking these necklaces to meet the level of quality my customers are used to.

Whilst more than happy to continue working with these women to perfect my designs, they have instead chosen to focus their efforts on their other product lines, having found my pieces more time consuming to perfect.

The dream lives on, and I am confident an ethically sourced ready made range of Monkey & Mum pieces is just around the corner.

Until then, I have these collaborative Fair Trade pieces available, but get in quick, because they’re already getting snapped up!

Three strand pieces $45 – Single strand pieces $35

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